Summer in a mason jar!


If I could bottle up summer in a mason glass jar and drink it … it would be this minty watermelonade slushyūüíö‚̧ԳŹūüíõ

So, yesterday my oldest daughter Mo(rgan) and her friend Haley officially started a acct for Yoreganics. Just what I need – one more frickin social media app that I can neglect!  #staypositivejackass 

Seriously – I totally DIG this video. I’m easily impressed with things I can actually stick with successfully and this was one of them!  #adhd #thestruggleisreal but, #ireallydidit!!!  #myexcusescanoftentakeoverifiletthem 

#blogpolice #hashtagabuse 

Recipe for one 16 oz slushy drink …

  1. Add 2(ish) cups watermelon into blender I love our Vitamix blender! 
  2. Add 2(ish) cups ice 
  3. Add 5 (ish) fresh mint leaves
  4. Add 1(ish)squeezed lemon
  5. Blend and serve in mason jar
  6. “Ish” is my way of CYA – depends on how sour or minty or the quantity of drinks you are making and serving.
  7. Enjoy while chilling out by self or with friends or family;)

What’cha waitin for? #justblog

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.02.41 PM

What’cha waitin for?¬† #jump and #justblog

Life is full of blogging moments – some perfect, some not so much, some not even close! #justblog

Are you waiting for the picture perfect setting, the right timing or for lightening to strike? #justfrigginblog

What’s hold’n ya back?¬† Yes –¬† you . . . the one typing this blog!

#SELFTALK (oh boy, you get a glimpse at some real moments in my head)

Me: “Are you scared?”

Myself: “YES, I am!”

Me: “Of what?”

Myself:¬† “What could you possibly do or say that is “wrong”?”

(The above conversation with Me, Myself and I with quotes etc is just too much effort to continue writing this way)

Why must you attempt to say the right thing for this damn blog?¬† Didn’t you read the last blog we wrote 10 days ago? Remember the #KimCommandments? A blog in less than an hour?!!!

Seriously, I’m trying to have a real conversation with you right now, and you are all in my face about “refocus on the blog”.¬† What is so intimidating about a blog?¬† Let’s go there – right now, A.G.A.I.N!!!

This head talk is showing up as me being #TOOvulnerable?¬† Exposing my wacky ass brain to the world?¬† Shit – when I reread these posts a couple days later, I’m always like – WTF was I thinking when I wrote this!¬†¬† But, I’m staying true to writing these because I want to be my own therapist or #lifecoach.¬† Why Not?¬† Let’s be honest, the world needs another life coach!

What’s your “plan” with this blog?¬† I want it to be full of random acts of Kim #KimME (short for Kim MEndes – damn I think I’m clever!)¬† I want it to depict who I really am.¬† I want people to know I’m a fun loving nut job who really loves people and life, but who also has a “handful” of insecurities like lots of us do.

MAYBE I know what’s wrong with this BLOG THING.

My crazy ass expectations are that it should be SO many other things that it currently isn’t.¬† I feel like it is more of a diary into my mind at this point in time.¬† Is this what it “should” be?¬† Maybe there should be a “real” plan – like other blog authors have.¬† Maybe it should actually “coordinate” with my Yoreganics biz stuff.¬† But, I feel like I want it to be about my life or #yorelife (do you get it?¬† Yore Life like YoreGanics?¬† Yes, I’m clever again)

Maybe the BLOG POLICE will come arrest me for . . .

  1. not having a real PLAN!
  2. over using “QUOTATION MARKS” or ###Hashtags###
  3. saying stupid things
  4. diary like entries
  5. not staying “on topic”
  6. babbling on and on and on over nothing that anyone cares about
  7. maybe I’m the next Seinfeld but in blog form . . . hmmm
  8. entries that are too long or too short
  9. not being entertaining enough
  10. going over the hour that I said I was going to stick to for writing this entry!

So badly I want to make things way more simple, and then I end up babbling on and on (I’m sure this is quite obvious by now), but really I want them SUPER ASS SIMPLE.¬† Like 50 words or less. FFFF¬† – why must I limit myself to 50 words or less.¬† That’s like pure TORTURE to someone who talks all of the time.¬† Might as well apply duck tape to my mouth and then my keyboard!

HERE lies the #internalconflict!¬† Bam, I knew we could come to some kind of reason why the back and forth is happening.¬† So, guess what?¬† To resolve this conflict crap, my blogs will be a combination of how I am in real life – sometimes short & sweet (actually I’m 5’10” so no one ever calls me short) and maybe other times it will have random acts of babble.¬† Cuz¬† – that’s me and that’s how I roll!


PHOTO CREDIT: My oldest daughter Morgan  PHOTO STAR: Addi Mendes (youngest)




Confessions from a Mother IF’r


You may have noticed that I haven’t written something on this blog since October of last year. . . only 9 months!¬† #nojudgement

Wanna know why?

Because I WHAT IF the shit out of everything!

Yes, it’s true.¬† I, Kim Mendes, am a Mother iF’r!

What if I don’t pick a good topic?

What if they don’t understand what I’m trying to say?

What if I babble on and on and they don’t care?

What if all of my sentences, paragraphs and stories have bad grammar and punctuation?

What if it takes so much time that it’s not worth it?

What if I swear too FUCK’N much?

I usually IF the Shit out of this whole damn blog thing each friggin time!

What if this?  What if that? 

I’m sure it’s no secret that I may play this “What if” game in other parts of my life as well.









My head spins with all of the awesome and stupid possibilities at the same time – too many choices!

So, today I’m making a commitment to myself.¬† Have I mentioned that commitments and I are not always BFF’s? ¬† But, today is different because it’s between me, myself and I.

I will call them Kim’s Crazy Commandments

  1. Have fun. (duh)
  2. Make up my own rules. (cuz I can change them as I go)
  3. It’s OK to use improper punctuation & grammar (don’t let it hold me back)
  4. Cherish my authentic silliness. (it’s taken a lot of therapy, so appreciate it!)
  5. Love being perfectly imperfect. (done beats perfect)
  6. Entertain thyself and others (may show up in weird ways!)
  7. Love the SHIT out of each day & everyone around me! (#lovetheshitouttalife)
  8. Complete a blog post in an hour or less (stop overthinking Рthis blog post OF COURSE must be the exception to this rule because this one took about 3 hours of going back and forth!)  #WTFFFFFF
  9. Stress less (I don’t sweat about a lot – except for these damn blogs!)
  10. Keep life as simple as possible and WHAT IF – on the good side of the question, not the bad side!¬† What IF I’m so awesome that I’m an overnight sensation?¬† Hmmm . . .

Life IS school . . .

Is it really necessary to separate LIFE and “SCHOOL”?

Are we not learning every second of every day?


So, pack up your bags . . . & travel with us for our year of ADVENTURE!

aka homeschool, unschool, funschool, adventureschool

¬†…formerly known as LIFE

So far . . . the gals & I have had awesome adventures this “school” year:

  • beach days – enjoying sunshine, sand and waves
  • baby days –¬† friends of ours have new baby boy twins
  • farm days – horses, donkeys, pot belly pigs, chickens, peacocks
  • mystic aquarium – seals, whales, penguins & more
  • visited the scrap metal yard – mom has a “thrift” addiction
  • trip to Vermont to support dad in his Spartan Ultra race!
  • Mo joined a swim team, Addi is diving into gymnastics
  • we’ve created a sewing, painting, craft room that oozes with creativity!!!

Let’s get that sh** clean!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.29.41 PM

One of our children LOVES to take daily showers/baths and the other one could literally go for weeks!  WHY?  Does it really matter?

I mean, how badly will your child really smell where it will affect where they are going in¬†LIFE? ¬† ¬†Won’t they eventually say to themselves… “I stink, or time to clean this sh**?” ¬†Maybe yes, maybe no.

I find myself getting hung up on these little details sometimes… and then when I really think about it – who cares! ¬†Isn’t it all just another lesson?

Does this cleansing topic fit into the category of¬†“don’t sweat the small stuff”? ¬†OR is it “don’t smell the¬†sweaty stuff”? ¬†IDK

Maybe I will chat with my hubby tonight and we will make an agreement? ¬†(assuming we take the time to have this chat… AND that he agrees with me!) ¬† Maybe we agree that we let HER make the decision. ¬†Maybe we lead her by the power of “subliminal” suggestion… OR we just sit and wait till she does it on her own.

We shall see where this dirty water takes us…

just part of the journey… sometimes it’s clean, sometimes it’s dirty. Continue reading

Random acts of . . . cheesecake fun!

My oldest daughter, Morgan (we call her Mo), has been going through some rough stuff lately.

Random act of cheesecake!

Random act of cheesecake!

I decided to write her a prescription for a night out of STRICT FUN!  We decided to start with dinner (food, of course that equals fun)  . . . so we decided on the Cheesecake Factory in the Providence Place Mall.

We cut through DSW shoe store and asked a woman who was working there “How do we get to the Cheesecake Factory?” ¬†The lady laughed and replied with, “I will tell you ONLY if you bring me a piece of cheesecake!”

We sat down and had the best meal ever . . .

  • We made our waitress laugh by telling her that we hated the food – even though we licked our¬†plates clean!
  • We reminded ourselves that living life too seriously is not only BORING but it’s also UNNECESSARY . . . ¬†and once again, BORING!
  • We decided right then, that some table etiquette was NOT necessary in the fun department – notice the pic of her talent of balancing the spoon on her nose! ¬†She doesn’t get that from me, I can’t even curl my tongue!

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