Let’s get that sh** clean!

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One of our children LOVES to take daily showers/baths and the other one could literally go for weeks!  WHY?  Does it really matter?

I mean, how badly will your child really smell where it will affect where they are going in LIFE?    Won’t they eventually say to themselves… “I stink, or time to clean this sh**?”  Maybe yes, maybe no.

I find myself getting hung up on these little details sometimes… and then when I really think about it – who cares!  Isn’t it all just another lesson?

Does this cleansing topic fit into the category of “don’t sweat the small stuff”?  OR is it “don’t smell the sweaty stuff”?  IDK

Maybe I will chat with my hubby tonight and we will make an agreement?  (assuming we take the time to have this chat… AND that he agrees with me!)   Maybe we agree that we let HER make the decision.  Maybe we lead her by the power of “subliminal” suggestion… OR we just sit and wait till she does it on her own.

We shall see where this dirty water takes us…

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Random acts of . . . cheesecake fun!

My oldest daughter, Morgan (we call her Mo), has been going through some rough stuff lately.

Random act of cheesecake!

Random act of cheesecake!

I decided to write her a prescription for a night out of STRICT FUN!  We decided to start with dinner (food, of course that equals fun)  . . . so we decided on the Cheesecake Factory in the Providence Place Mall.

We cut through DSW shoe store and asked a woman who was working there “How do we get to the Cheesecake Factory?”  The lady laughed and replied with, “I will tell you ONLY if you bring me a piece of cheesecake!”

We sat down and had the best meal ever . . .

  • We made our waitress laugh by telling her that we hated the food – even though we licked our plates clean!
  • We reminded ourselves that living life too seriously is not only BORING but it’s also UNNECESSARY . . .  and once again, BORING!
  • We decided right then, that some table etiquette was NOT necessary in the fun department – notice the pic of her talent of balancing the spoon on her nose!  She doesn’t get that from me, I can’t even curl my tongue!

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Farm trip’n it . . . no tears!

Yep . . . my little lady, Addi (8 yrs old) left this morning on a bus with her 3rd grade Waldorf class to spend 5 days at Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent, NY . . .

Farm Trip - tear free!

Farm Trip – tear free!

A place where children experience a working farm and, through active participation, learn practical skills, develop social relationships, and gain a deeper sense of self and relationship to nature.

Her sister, Morgan, went 3 years ago and just LOVED it! Continue reading