Random acts of . . . cheesecake fun!

My oldest daughter, Morgan (we call her Mo), has been going through some rough stuff lately.

Random act of cheesecake!

Random act of cheesecake!

I decided to write her a prescription for a night out of STRICT FUN!  We decided to start with dinner (food, of course that equals fun)  . . . so we decided on the Cheesecake Factory in the Providence Place Mall.

We cut through DSW shoe store and asked a woman who was working there “How do we get to the Cheesecake Factory?”  The lady laughed and replied with, “I will tell you ONLY if you bring me a piece of cheesecake!”

We sat down and had the best meal ever . . .

  • We made our waitress laugh by telling her that we hated the food – even though we licked our plates clean!
  • We reminded ourselves that living life too seriously is not only BORING but it’s also UNNECESSARY . . .  and once again, BORING!
  • We decided right then, that some table etiquette was NOT necessary in the fun department – notice the pic of her talent of balancing the spoon on her nose!  She doesn’t get that from me, I can’t even curl my tongue!

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