Summer in a mason jar!

If I could bottle up summer in a mason glass jar and drink it … it would be this minty watermelonade slushy💚❤️💛

So, yesterday my oldest daughter Mo(rgan) and her friend Haley officially started a acct for Yoreganics. Just what I need – one more frickin social media app that I can neglect!  #staypositivejackass 

Seriously – I totally DIG this video. I’m easily impressed with things I can actually stick with successfully and this was one of them!  #adhd #thestruggleisreal but, #ireallydidit!!!  #myexcusescanoftentakeoverifiletthem 

#blogpolice #hashtagabuse 

Recipe for one 16 oz slushy drink …

  1. Add 2(ish) cups watermelon into blender I love our Vitamix blender! 
  2. Add 2(ish) cups ice 
  3. Add 5 (ish) fresh mint leaves
  4. Add 1(ish)squeezed lemon
  5. Blend and serve in mason jar
  6. “Ish” is my way of CYA – depends on how sour or minty or the quantity of drinks you are making and serving.
  7. Enjoy while chilling out by self or with friends or family;)