Summer in a mason jar!

If I could bottle up summer in a mason glass jar and drink it … it would be this minty watermelonade slushy💚❤️💛

So, yesterday my oldest daughter Mo(rgan) and her friend Haley officially started a acct for Yoreganics. Just what I need – one more frickin social media app that I can neglect!  #staypositivejackass 

Seriously – I totally DIG this video. I’m easily impressed with things I can actually stick with successfully and this was one of them!  #adhd #thestruggleisreal but, #ireallydidit!!!  #myexcusescanoftentakeoverifiletthem 

#blogpolice #hashtagabuse 

Recipe for one 16 oz slushy drink …

  1. Add 2(ish) cups watermelon into blender I love our Vitamix blender! 
  2. Add 2(ish) cups ice 
  3. Add 5 (ish) fresh mint leaves
  4. Add 1(ish)squeezed lemon
  5. Blend and serve in mason jar
  6. “Ish” is my way of CYA – depends on how sour or minty or the quantity of drinks you are making and serving.
  7. Enjoy while chilling out by self or with friends or family;)

Let’s get that sh** clean!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.29.41 PM

One of our children LOVES to take daily showers/baths and the other one could literally go for weeks!  WHY?  Does it really matter?

I mean, how badly will your child really smell where it will affect where they are going in LIFE?    Won’t they eventually say to themselves… “I stink, or time to clean this sh**?”  Maybe yes, maybe no.

I find myself getting hung up on these little details sometimes… and then when I really think about it – who cares!  Isn’t it all just another lesson?

Does this cleansing topic fit into the category of “don’t sweat the small stuff”?  OR is it “don’t smell the sweaty stuff”?  IDK

Maybe I will chat with my hubby tonight and we will make an agreement?  (assuming we take the time to have this chat… AND that he agrees with me!)   Maybe we agree that we let HER make the decision.  Maybe we lead her by the power of “subliminal” suggestion… OR we just sit and wait till she does it on her own.

We shall see where this dirty water takes us…

just part of the journey… sometimes it’s clean, sometimes it’s dirty. Continue reading