What’cha waitin for? #justblog

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What’cha waitin for?  #jump and #justblog

Life is full of blogging moments – some perfect, some not so much, some not even close! #justblog

Are you waiting for the picture perfect setting, the right timing or for lightening to strike? #justfrigginblog

What’s hold’n ya back?  Yes –  you . . . the one typing this blog!

#SELFTALK (oh boy, you get a glimpse at some real moments in my head)

Me: “Are you scared?”

Myself: “YES, I am!”

Me: “Of what?”

Myself:  “What could you possibly do or say that is “wrong”?”

(The above conversation with Me, Myself and I with quotes etc is just too much effort to continue writing this way)

Why must you attempt to say the right thing for this damn blog?  Didn’t you read the last blog we wrote 10 days ago? Remember the #KimCommandments? A blog in less than an hour?!!!

Seriously, I’m trying to have a real conversation with you right now, and you are all in my face about “refocus on the blog”.  What is so intimidating about a blog?  Let’s go there – right now, A.G.A.I.N!!!

This head talk is showing up as me being #TOOvulnerable?  Exposing my wacky ass brain to the world?  Shit – when I reread these posts a couple days later, I’m always like – WTF was I thinking when I wrote this!   But, I’m staying true to writing these because I want to be my own therapist or #lifecoach.  Why Not?  Let’s be honest, the world needs another life coach!

What’s your “plan” with this blog?  I want it to be full of random acts of Kim #KimME (short for Kim MEndes – damn I think I’m clever!)  I want it to depict who I really am.  I want people to know I’m a fun loving nut job who really loves people and life, but who also has a “handful” of insecurities like lots of us do.

MAYBE I know what’s wrong with this BLOG THING.

My crazy ass expectations are that it should be SO many other things that it currently isn’t.  I feel like it is more of a diary into my mind at this point in time.  Is this what it “should” be?  Maybe there should be a “real” plan – like other blog authors have.  Maybe it should actually “coordinate” with my Yoreganics biz stuff.  But, I feel like I want it to be about my life or #yorelife (do you get it?  Yore Life like YoreGanics?  Yes, I’m clever again)

Maybe the BLOG POLICE will come arrest me for . . .

  1. not having a real PLAN!
  2. over using “QUOTATION MARKS” or ###Hashtags###
  3. saying stupid things
  4. diary like entries
  5. not staying “on topic”
  6. babbling on and on and on over nothing that anyone cares about
  7. maybe I’m the next Seinfeld but in blog form . . . hmmm
  8. entries that are too long or too short
  9. not being entertaining enough
  10. going over the hour that I said I was going to stick to for writing this entry!

So badly I want to make things way more simple, and then I end up babbling on and on (I’m sure this is quite obvious by now), but really I want them SUPER ASS SIMPLE.  Like 50 words or less. FFFF  – why must I limit myself to 50 words or less.  That’s like pure TORTURE to someone who talks all of the time.  Might as well apply duck tape to my mouth and then my keyboard!

HERE lies the #internalconflict!  Bam, I knew we could come to some kind of reason why the back and forth is happening.  So, guess what?  To resolve this conflict crap, my blogs will be a combination of how I am in real life – sometimes short & sweet (actually I’m 5’10” so no one ever calls me short) and maybe other times it will have random acts of babble.  Cuz  – that’s me and that’s how I roll!


PHOTO CREDIT: My oldest daughter Morgan  PHOTO STAR: Addi Mendes (youngest)




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