Confessions from a Mother IF’r


You may have noticed that I haven’t written something on this blog since October of last year. . . only 9 months!  #nojudgement

Wanna know why?

Because I WHAT IF the shit out of everything!

Yes, it’s true.  I, Kim Mendes, am a Mother iF’r!

What if I don’t pick a good topic?

What if they don’t understand what I’m trying to say?

What if I babble on and on and they don’t care?

What if all of my sentences, paragraphs and stories have bad grammar and punctuation?

What if it takes so much time that it’s not worth it?

What if I swear too FUCK’N much?

I usually IF the Shit out of this whole damn blog thing each friggin time!

What if this?  What if that? 

I’m sure it’s no secret that I may play this “What if” game in other parts of my life as well.









My head spins with all of the awesome and stupid possibilities at the same time – too many choices!

So, today I’m making a commitment to myself.  Have I mentioned that commitments and I are not always BFF’s?   But, today is different because it’s between me, myself and I.

I will call them Kim’s Crazy Commandments

  1. Have fun. (duh)
  2. Make up my own rules. (cuz I can change them as I go)
  3. It’s OK to use improper punctuation & grammar (don’t let it hold me back)
  4. Cherish my authentic silliness. (it’s taken a lot of therapy, so appreciate it!)
  5. Love being perfectly imperfect. (done beats perfect)
  6. Entertain thyself and others (may show up in weird ways!)
  7. Love the SHIT out of each day & everyone around me! (#lovetheshitouttalife)
  8. Complete a blog post in an hour or less (stop overthinking – this blog post OF COURSE must be the exception to this rule because this one took about 3 hours of going back and forth!)  #WTFFFFFF
  9. Stress less (I don’t sweat about a lot – except for these damn blogs!)
  10. Keep life as simple as possible and WHAT IF – on the good side of the question, not the bad side!  What IF I’m so awesome that I’m an overnight sensation?  Hmmm . . .

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