Random acts of . . . cheesecake fun!

My oldest daughter, Morgan (we call her Mo), has been going through some rough stuff lately.

Random act of cheesecake!

Random act of cheesecake!

I decided to write her a prescription for a night out of STRICT FUN!  We decided to start with dinner (food, of course that equals fun)  . . . so we decided on the Cheesecake Factory in the Providence Place Mall.

We cut through DSW shoe store and asked a woman who was working there “How do we get to the Cheesecake Factory?”  The lady laughed and replied with, “I will tell you ONLY if you bring me a piece of cheesecake!”

We sat down and had the best meal ever . . .

  • We made our waitress laugh by telling her that we hated the food – even though we licked our plates clean!
  • We reminded ourselves that living life too seriously is not only BORING but it’s also UNNECESSARY . . .  and once again, BORING!
  • We decided right then, that some table etiquette was NOT necessary in the fun department – notice the pic of her talent of balancing the spoon on her nose!  She doesn’t get that from me, I can’t even curl my tongue!

We were sooo stuffed, but we were 2 gals on a mission to have a night of CHEESY fun . . . AND cheesecake!  I believe it is a LAW that IF you go to the Cheesecake Factory and DON’T order cheesecake – you could be thrown into jail!  So, the law abiding citizens that we are . . . we ordered our White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (duh) and then, I said to Mo – “What if we buy a piece of cheesecake for the lady working at DSW?”  She agreed that would be a great random surprise!

SO… with our fresh piece of Strawberry Cheescake in a bag, we ran into DSW.  Morgan has a SHOE THING (unlike me – I’m perfectly happy wearing the same pair of black boots all fall/winter/spring)  She tried on a million pairs of high heels and walked around laughing and smiling and dreaming of the possibilities for her future feet.

THEN, she said, “Mom, there’s the lady”.  Our eyes met and I had a very concerned look on my face and said, “Could you please help me over here with this annoying shoe situation I’m having?”.  She came over and we said “SURPRISE – here’s the cheesecake you ordered!”  Ms DSW worker was so taken back and excited.  I gave her a big hug and said, “Thanks for the directions and have an awesome night!”   Here’s our selfie of Me, Morgan and Roberta!


The night was full of so many little and BIG laughs . . . followed with a big hug and kiss at the end of the evening as I tucked her into bed.  She said, “Mom, I really needed this night”.  I told her that it was equally needed and we will do them WAY more often!

So many lessons in RANDOM ACTS OF CHEEZY FUN for the evening . . . acting like a kid again – for both of us:)

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