Farm trip’n it . . . no tears!

Yep . . . my little lady, Addi (8 yrs old) left this morning on a bus with her 3rd grade Waldorf class to spend 5 days at Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent, NY . . .

Farm Trip - tear free!

Farm Trip – tear free!

A place where children experience a working farm and, through active participation, learn practical skills, develop social relationships, and gain a deeper sense of self and relationship to nature.

Her sister, Morgan, went 3 years ago and just LOVED it!

This morning I told Addi – “I had soo many tears when Mo left for her trip, but I’m totally fine and tear free for you leaving today”.  She said, “Mom, that didn’t sound so nice”.   I had to back peddle and say “I will still miss you just as much as I did Morgan, but I’m growing as a mother and I am now understanding that it’s more about YOU gals, and NOT about me”!   She chuckled and gave me her sweet eye roll!

Anyway – Yippee for her independence . . . and Yippee for ME holding back my tears and “letting her go”!

Till I tear again!

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